Creating luxury decors with ultimate precision

Hightech laser crafting beauty

MHA Genève recently invested in high-tech laser machinery to be able to craft the ultimate precision in decoration: with the width of 20 microns, MHA lasers can engrave extremely intricate patterns and artwork onto surfaces with depth. Accessories, watchmaking components can now include creative patterns impossible to achieve with traditional chemical engraving, and can even boast 3D micro-sculptures.

Code name: 3D Femto. This technology brought from the semiconductor industry is revolutionizing engraving and luxury product decoration. First, because it enables amazing creativities in terms of depth, control of the bottom surface and sharpness. The engraved bottom surface -even curved- can now integrate its own 3D pattern instead of the usual “sandblasted” or “grained” one produced by chemical engraving. Also since we are now dealing with a pure digital process, it is very much adapted to product customization and can be used for small to very small quantities. Exactly what the luxury industry needs to bring more value to its customers craving for an intimate, personal object to love.

Not only metals but also exotic and precious materials can be engraved, including ceramic, mother-of-pearl, wood…ask us about your material and project at