A solution to Cal. Bill #1260?

If exotic skins are to be banned in the close future, they can serve as inspiration for beautiful engraving

MHA Manufacture de Haute Accessoirie proposes a solution to the growing ban on exotic skins such as California Bill 1260: deep engraving craftsmanship mimicking the patterns of natural leather, to be applied on elements of luxury accessories. In design or product development? Contact us now for ideas and proposals.

Things are getting cloudier for exotic skin farms and brands that rely heavily on alligator, python skins and the likes. As most luxury execs may have heard, California Assembly just passed back in September a bill named 1260 that bans pretty much all the major exotic skins on any products on Californian soil. Details are to be found on the web. But this recent announcement is the tip of the iceberg. The eco-consciousness typhoon is changing the whole industry (and probably for good). So we as partners of luxury and fashion brands should be reacting and anticipating.

MHA Manufacture de Haute Accessoirie, while not being directly involved in skin trading, makes some quantities of leather-wrapped products for luxury brands, including exotic skins. High-end leather is an emotional, rich material that talks to the senses and embodies luxury. But we may soon have to look at alligator as a mere element of design inspiration, not a manufacturing material any more. Modestly, we wondered recently here at MHA: what can we propose to our luxury clients to include in their designs while paying tribute to the noble leather materials and craftsmanship? One of our answers: deep engraving of leather pattern, such as alligator. We can use laser, mechanical fine engraving, or chemical etching to suit your needs. Together we can overcome any regulation and society change, by adapting our designs and manufacturing processes. #ecoluxury #luxury #accessories

For further ideas and design inputs, drop us a note at info@mhageneve.com or call us now.