Know-how and services

Swiss quality and expertise

We were born in the Swiss watch-making industry.

We have applied its inherent philosophy to the field of luxury accessories: attention to detail, dedication to reliability, and meticulous quality controls.

Design Engineering is our main area of expertise. Trained as they are in micro-mechanics, our engineers and manufacturers are experts in the field of luxury – be this in the intricate mechanisms inside writing instruments, a new type of intuitive lock for a piece of jewellery, or researching state-of-the-art materials enabling Bluetooth wave transmission without forfeiting the object’s aesthetic appeal. Brass, fine woods, ceramic, aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, precious stones, mother of pearl, sapphire, carbon, composites, resins… the breadth and depth of materials we use is vast.

Our mind-set is rooted in production and industrialization.

Working well upstream in our processes and manufacturing methods, we ensure that the final product not only meets the designer’s vision, but also the goals set in terms of costs and timelines. Our engineers are your unwavering partners, there from the very beginning, working alongside you to clearly define all technical specifications. From conception to delivery – and by way of inspections, analyses, and tests – you are sure to benefit from Swiss quality, expertise, and precision. Upon product delivery, you receive all the inspection reports and their corresponding protocols.

Our factory in Geneva brings together over 20 distinct areas of expertise.

We machine, engrave, lacquer, polish, and assemble. Depending on the product, we also have direct access to an international network of select experts in highly specialized fields – particularly the watch industry. MHA’s centre of excellence in high-end finishings and surface treatments – offering highly specialized skills such as electroplating, deep engraving, laser texturisation, and “guillochage” (engine-turning) – works in the luxury, aeronautical, and medical sectors as well.