More than a hundred years serving the luxury industry

Chapter one

Our story began more than 112 years ago, with the joining together of 3 Jura family-run companies active in the production of watch components. This led to the birth of La Nationale SA, established in Geneva in 1905. This new creative company diversified in the 1920s by developing solid skills in luxury accessories and going on to produce some of the most “elegant pieces” of its time. In 1937, the company obtained its first international patent.

After more than half a century of existence, La Nationale SA becomes LN Industries SA, to reflect its development in micro-technologies and the opening of its exports to Europe, North America and Asia. And once again, obtaining an international patent in the field of eyewear has rewarded the company’s innovative strength. Moving into the 1980s and 1990s, the company became a world leader in luxury eyewear, until fate dealt a tragic blow in the form of an accidental fire, which drastically reduced production. LN Industries then restarted in a factory in Châtelaine.

This long and eventful history is that of a company that has succeeded in renewing its traditional know-how by innovation and seizing the opportunities that came along at the right time… A legacy that inspires and still guides us today, more than a century after the birth of the company.